3 Savings Strategies for Entrepreneurs…


Here’s how to save big for your big idea.

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  • Figure out where your money is going dollar-by-dollar, then gauge where you can reign in spending. You can go with the pen-and-paper approach or try apps like Expense or Clarity Money. 

  • Separate and automate your savings. Consider creating a dedicated savings account for your small business — and de-linking it from other accounts so you’re not tempted to dip in. You can also schedule auto-transfers to your savings account for any regular length of time. 

  • Consider where you’re storing your stash. Savings accounts at many large financial institutions offer just 0.01 percent interest, while high-interest savings accounts — often FDIC-insured and available online — can offer up to 2 percent. DepositAccounts.com has a search tool to compare account interest rates. 

For more tips, check out Entrepreneur‘s article on how to build up savings to launch a small business. 

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